Steps towards fixing alumite condition

1.Receipt of Drawing【1.Effective,Confirmation and proposal of non-effective part
2.Confirmation of demand fpr quality】
2.Process design【1.Getting product 2.Fixation of electric contact position 3.Fixation of alumite industrial method 4.Fixation of various coditions】
3.Prototype processing
4.Prototype quality evaluation
5.Submitting evaluation to customer
7.Mass production process(Table below)

Mass production process|the order of process,purpose and control item.

No.Process nameMain purposeControl item
1AcceptanceProduct number, Amount, Packing style
2Pre-processingExternals effect improvementShot, Hair-line, Puff and others
3InstallationElectric contact securingInstallation, position, Quantity, Identification
4PreprocessingImprovement of interfaces Effect of externals decorationProcessing liquid kind and various conditionsDensity/Temperature/Time
5WashingRemoval of preprocessing liquidOverflow
6Neutralizing processingNeutralizingNeutralizing liquid in various conditions
7WashingRemoval of neutralizing liquidOverflow
8Anodized aluminumGeneration of oxide filmVarious conditions (Electrolyte / Processing conditions and others)
※Current / Time / Density / Temperature / dissolved metal
9WashingRemoval of electro bathAir blow / Overflow
10Acid washRevitalization on surfaceVarious conditions (Density of liquid/temperature/Time)
11WashingRemoval of picking liquidAir blow / Overflow
12ColoringExternals effect improvementColoring of specified color
13WashingSurface surplus dyestuff removalOverflow
14SealingCorrosion resistance improvementVarious conditions (Time/Density/Temperature)
15WashingFaunae liquid removalOverflow
17DetachingProduct number/Externals quality
18PackingStyle of packing/Amount/Product number
19InspectionLot guaranteeDepending on the inspection standard

※It will vary upon request quality

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