Aluminum is 「Lightness(1/3 of iron)」、「Strength(THE No.A-2000 and A-7000 are equals steel)」、「Excel the processing」、「The influence of magnetism is not received」、「The heat conductivity is good」、「Light and electric wave are reflected well」、「Electric conductivity is good(60% of copper)」、「There is no toxicity」、「Recycling is easy」Etc…   The usage has been used in a lot of fields.

Alumite membrane generation theory

Aluminum , in the natural world is generally known as the characteristic in which the oxide membrane is generated.  This membrane is very thin (1/1000μm level) and hardly effective in abrasion resistance, but it enters the state so that it not to be easy corroded and is generated soon even if being torn.(It is an influence of the oxide membrane not to corrode aluminum coin easily) This oxide membrane is artificially thick (2~50μm)and been hardened through anodized aluminum processing. 「which is called Alumite process(Anode oxidation treatment)」 The alumite membrame in the porous quality is wore-out and exellent in corrosion resistance.

The usage to the functional component etc… including the brake parts of the car has expanded. Moreover ,the range of the application such as the adornments and many varieties of “pocayoke” extends further because absorbent is used and colored with dyestuff.

Effect of alumite processing

  1. Improvement of corrosion resistance
  2. Improvement of abrasion resistance (over Hv 300)
  3. Being adsorbent and is possible to color
  4. The decrease of resistance is based on the thorough process of resin disposal
  5. There is non-conductivity

Structure of alumite membrane

  1. The oxide membrane consisted of two layers, and the outside layer was a thick porous quality, and  this could have been done by an exact thin layer under that growing up.
  2. The oxide membrane has the cell structure of the hexagon, and has a steroidal minute hole at the center.
alumite membrane

Answer for customer’s demands


A warrantable system for the anodized aluminum characteristic.


A small amount of production in the unified cost.
Vietnam factory has an international competitive price in ASEAN region.


The quick delivery in the international society where the speed is requested.


Based on ISO14001, environment activity, energy-saving is achieved.

Our company is doing processing that specializes in important parts of the automobile by achieving the μm system of the world.
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